Welcome to Eagle Airlines!

Reach sky with us and join one of the best virtual airlines in Poland!

About Us

Welcome to EAGLE air! One of the fastest growing virtual airlines in Poland!

Our connetion grid reaches not only unique European but further more!
We esteem qualified pilots, as well as those who begins their career giving them opportunity to participate in our training system which based on a realistic airline procedures!

Our fleet consist of airplanes of all types. Starting from regional Dash 8 Q400, through Boeing 737-800, ending on a king of the skies - Boeing 777-200LR. Each of them will became your best friend in EAGLE air.

Quick info

Aircraft in fleet
Total hours
Flights total


Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
Type: Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
Number of PAX: 76
Maximum range: 1570 nm
Długość samolotu: 22,25 m
Maximum zero-fuel weight (MZFW): 25850 lbs
Maximum landing weight (MLW): 28000 lbs
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW): 29260 lbs
Cruising speed: 360
Service ceiling: 27000 ft
Crew members: 3

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

Boeing 737-800
Type: Boeing 737-800
Number of PAX: 175
Maximum range: 3115 nm
Cargo capacity: 2000 lbs
Długość samolotu: 39,5m
Maximum zero-fuel weight (MZFW): 92000 lbs
Maximum landing weight (MLW): 146300 lbs
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW): 174200 lbs
Cruising speed: 0.785
Service ceiling: 41000 ft
Crew members: 6

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 777-200 LR
Type: Boeing 777-200 LR
Number of PAX: 301
Maximum range: 10900 nm
Cargo capacity: 15300 lbs
Długość samolotu: 63,7 m
Maximum zero-fuel weight (MZFW): 207415 lbs
Maximum landing weight (MLW): 221400 lbs
Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW): 347450 lbs
Cruising speed: 510
Service ceiling: 43000 ft
Crew members: 11

Boeing 777-200 LR

Our fleet consist of airplanes of all types.
Starting from regional Dash 8 Q400, through Boeing 737-800, ending on a king of the skies - Boeing 777-200LR.


Co-founder and board member of EAGLE air.

Resposible for a web operatoins and system development.

Acts on behalf CEO during his absence.



Co-founder and CEO of EAGLE air.

Organize the work of the board and the daily life of the line, responsible for contacts with external organizations .

He has over 1000 hours of experience in the VATSIM network and rich aviation experience.



Pilot and instructor on Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 of EAGLE air.

Responsible for trainings and exams on regional planes.

Manager of regional connections.



Pilot Roster

Callsign NameHubLocationHoursRankCountry
EAG101 Krzysztof Mikulski EPWA  EKCH
Copenhagen Kastrup
 130:32 First Officer PL Poland
EAG102 Maciej Waśniowski EPWA  EPWA
Warsaw Chopin
 267:26 Senior Captain PL Poland
EAG103 Kamil Pietuszko EPWA  EPGD
Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa
 122:43 First Officer PL Poland
EAG104 Tytus Maik EPWA  EPWA
Warsaw Chopin
 420:24 Senior Captain PL Poland
EAG105 Marcin Pakiet EPWA  LDDU
 48:11 Cadet Pilot PL Poland
EAG106 Bartlomej Malicki EPWA  GMMX
 31:24 Cadet Pilot PL Poland
EAG107 Michał Wencel EPWA  EGCC
 375:15 Cadet Pilot PL Poland
EAG110 Łukasz Kubiś EPWA  KSFO
San Francisco International
 4089:51 Senior Captain PL Poland
EAG114 Adam Gabrysiak EPWA  EPWA
Warsaw Chopin
 133:07 First Officer PL Poland
EAG129 Wojciech Karpiński EPWA  LIMC
Malpensa International
 74:33 Cadet Pilot PL Poland
WWW Tomasz Zachara EPWA  EPKK
John Paul II International Kraków-Balice
 00:00 Cadet Pilot AF Afghanistan

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